1С history

About us

1C Romania is a representative of  1C company, a powerful developer and distributor of applied ERP solutions for management and accounting software products developed on “1C:Enterprise 8” platform.
1C company is one of the largest developers of business software products on the international level, with over 13.5 million users worldwide.


The company 1C in Romania was founded in February 2012 in Bucharest to distribute, develop and implement 1C applications in small and medium-sized companies, as well as in large companies.
Over time, the number of them is increasing considerably.


At the beginning of this year, the company’s list of business application solutions already included five integrated systems. The best seller was 1C:Accounting, and the number of customers exceeded 400.


Our company follows quality standards, successfully applies the best design practices in management and maintains the process approach in all business activities. These are the cornerstones of our working principles.

The update of applications according to the evolution of the current legislative norms is still one of our priorities.

Our advantages:

  • We are constantly improving our work methods, applying advanced technology, selecting and training staff, and our desire to be at the forefront of technological progress allows us to implement the best integrated systems for our customers;
  • We have an individual and comprehensive approach to solving customer needs;
  • We apply a wide range of comprehensive solutions based on the capabilities of our software products;
  • We have a flexible pricing system and individual approach to determining the cost of our services;
  • We provide information support through promotional events and seminars, training, refresher courses, and practical lessons on working with applications running on “1C:Enterprise” platform.